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New Bikes > Moto Guzzi > 2014 V7 Special Ex Demo

2014 V7 Special Ex Demo

Price: £6495.00

Delivery: £120.00

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Product Description

Here is our Demo 2014  V7 Special in with only 96 Miles, £6495




Seeing them parked takes one back to the 70's, at the dawn of maxi-bikes.

An illusion created by a mix of forms and volumes reminiscent of the famous ancestors, the V750 S3 reflected in the badges and side panels, the V7 Sport present in the soul of metal fuel tank with a capacity of 22 litres. Many are the references typical of the style in vogue in the seventies: the cigar-shaped silencers, the instrument panels, the flat and elongated saddle, the Moto Guzzi wording on the valve covers, the mudguards, the shape of the light assembly.

If there are few aesthetic details that betray their contemporary nature, many are the advantages of their constant and balanced technological evolution: the Moto Guzzi V7's can easily do 100 km with four litres of unleaded petrol, they require limited service every 10,000 km and can be ridden already at eighteen years of age. In summary they are beautiful, attractive, reliable and intelligent. But what makes them irresistible, to the point of now being an established best-seller of the Mandello del Lario production, is their charisma: they are unique bikes, in terms of style and design approach, built according to three fundamental pillars: the 90 ° transverse V-twin, the timeless double cradle frame and the renowned cardan shaft final drive.

Riding them they deliver just as special dynamic and acoustic sensations: the V7's are easy and fun to ride, regardless of the speed, route or chosen model.

Whether it's a Stone, Special or Racer, they are all tailor-made for bikers of any extraction or experience. What differentiates them, and which in the MY 2014 versions has been further underlined, is the character. The V7 Stone, now in total black, boasts its minimalist essence and urban vocation, the V7 Special is more conformist with the "Essetre" graphics reproducing the first V750 equipped with disc brakes, while the super-refined Racer is the most hedonistic. For all of them the only innovation in common is of a technical nature: a new wet flywheel replaces the previous dry alternator, slightly modifying the front of the 90 ° V-twin, thanks to a more compact and sleeker new cover.



Among the V7's, this is the one closer to the original spirit of its ancestor, starting from its graphics, called "Essetre" like the 1974 V750 which introduced disc brakes, for the first time on a Moto Guzzi. The V7 Special is available in two colour versions: in metallic silver with black strips, elegant and refined, or in black with orange strips which faithfully reproduces the colour combination of its famous ancestor.

On both versions the logo on the tank is the historic embossed one while the wheel rims are done in black finish instead of chromium. Unlike the Stone and the Racer, the V7 Special has a guard on the fork stanchions instead of the dust gaiters of its sisters.



The double cradle frame, with bolt-on, removable lower elements, is a key element of the V7 project This is a unit of legendary solidity and sturdiness, also thanks to the headstock angle of 27 °50', an angle which ensures directional stability and precision.

The telescopic fork with 40 mm stanchions has 130 mm of travel and has dust gaiters in the Racer and Stone versions and a guard in the Special version.

The rear shock absorbers, for the V7 Stone and the V7 Special, have adjustable spring preload and 118 mm of travel, while the Racer, as usual, stands out with a pair of refined Bitubo WMT gas shock absorbers with an external tank. The brake system consists of a 320 mm floating front disc and a 260 mm rear disc.

The three versions also differ in terms of wheels: in alloy with six split spoke design for the V7 Stone, spoked with anodised black channel for the Special, as too for the Racer which differs for its red hubs matching the frame and red Moto Guzzi wording on the rim channel.



The original engine design dates back to 1977, the year of the Moto Guzzi V50's fortunate d ©but.

Since then the engine has been continuously updated, sustaining displacements of 350 up to 750 cc, going from carburettor to electronic injection, but staying faithful to the genial layout introduced in the original design by Lino Tonti. The latest evolution has finally abandoned the squared fins, a legacy of the 80's production, now with a rounded thermal element, reminiscent of the first generation Mandello twin.

                      The valve cover is also a homage to the origins of the V7; made in aluminium, it faithfully covers the profile of the fins, showing off the Moto Guzzi signature in bas-relief.

Moving from aesthetics to the technical part, the 749 cc small block is the forerunner of a series of technological innovations that characterise the new wave of the Mandello engines. This is the case of the single throttle body and of the straight Y-shaped fuel system manifold, introduced with the V7 and later extended to the flagship California 1400. On the V7 the component is a 38 mm Magneti Marelli MIU3G with rubber manifold, completely ribbed and straight (36 and 39 mm diameter respectively from the injector groups and the throttle body). Another feature is the presence of a central spark plug with 10 mm diameter thread and prominent electrode.

                      The overall efficiency of the engine is supported by the high compression ratio of 10.2, the extensive cylinder finning which keeps operating temperatures low and the generous filter box designed to optimise the "breathing" requirements of the Mandello twin. Rather than maximum power, the Mandello small block stands out for its robust engine torque, which reaches the peak of 60 Nm at just 2800 RPM, thus limiting use of the gearbox and consumption, achieving over 23 km/l on a mixed cycle. The gearbox is the usual 5 speed, as too, according to tradition, the final drive is entrusted to the renowned cardan, ensuring reliability, safety, comfort, cleanliness and total absence of maintenance.


MOTO GUZZI V7 Special “ Technical Specifications


Engine capacity



Timing system

744 cc

80 mm

74 mm

2 valves with light alloy pushrods and rockers

Max power at crankshaft

35 kW (48HP) at 6,200 rpm

Maximum torque at crankshaft

60 Nm at 2,800 rpm

Exhaust system

three-way catalytic converter with double lambda probe

Cooling system




Headstock angle:                                        



double cradle tubular frame in ALS steel with detachable elements.

1449 mm

109 mm

27 °50


Front suspension


telescopic hydraulic fork with 40 mm stanchions

130 mm

Rear suspension


Wheel travel:

die cast light alloy swingarm with 2 spring preload adjustable shock absorbers

118 mm

Front brake

320 mm ˜ stainless steel disc and Brembo calliper with 4 differentiated and horizontally opposed pistons

Rear brake

260 mm floating stainless steel disc, floating 2 piston calliper

Front wheel

18" in polished aluminium, spoked, 100/90

Rear wheel

17" in polished aluminium, spoked, 130/80

Saddle height



Minimum ground clearance:

805 mm (785 mm opt.)

2,185 mm

1115 mm                                            

182 mm                                                                                              

Fuel tank capacity

22 litres (including 4 litre reserve)

Kerb weight*

181 kg


Essetre (silver, black)






* Wet weight with operating fluids, without fuel.





Condition: Used
Shipping: United Kingdom only

Tretoil Works
PL30 5BA
Phone: 01208 831774
Email: colin@thormotorcycles.co.uk